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A sometimes-writer, sometimes-artist, sometimes-gamedev on the internet. I have projects!


Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are also available on my page.

Interactive Fiction

Bring Back a ██████ for Me* - Help your boyfriend recover from the trauma of your "death".

Forget-Me-Not - A "game" made in Paloma for Asoryuu Day 2020. Very short and text-heavy. Contains spoilers for DGS1&2.

Visual Novels

Revive* - A functionally immortal fighter deals with the reality of dying and being revived over and over again, as it affects himself and his loved ones.


Under construction as I upload things


A small gallery of some of my favorite works. Contains all orignal art.

Want to collaborate?

If you're interested in someone who can make basic UIs (using CSS and pre-existing image assets only) for your Twine games made in Sugarcube, feel free to send me a message on my social media. I'm more than willing to do that work for free, but do remember that I do it for fun, not professionally.

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