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A sometimes-writer, sometimes-artist, sometimes-gamedev on the internet. I have projects!


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Interactive Fiction

Bring Back a ██████ for Me* - Help your boyfriend recover from the trauma of your "death".

Forget-Me-Not - Made in Paloma for Asoryuu Day 2020. Very short and text-heavy. Contains spoilers for DGS 1 & 2.

Kazuma-Kami - A conversation between Ryuunosuke and the kami of justice, protection, and knowledge. Heavily inspired by the Dolores Dei dialogue in Disco Elysium. Contains spoilers for DGS 1 & 2.

写真 - Replicate Reality* - Photograph yourself and rooms in an abandoned building to figure out what happened to you, after waking up with no memory of who you are or how you got to where you are.

Visual Novels

REVIVE* - A functionally immortal fighter deals with the reality of dying and being revived over and over again, as it affects himself and his loved ones.

Unfinished/Abandoned Works

three am - An interactive fiction story about Celeste and Ghost going on a late-night drive. Slowly worked on occasionally whenever I feel like poking at it.

REGaiN & RETaiN - An AI: The Somnium Files text game taking place post-game. Heavily based on a series of ideas from users in a mostly-defunct DGS Discord server I used to moderate.

The Case-Book of Kazuma Asougi - A Dai Gyakuten Saiban visual novel set in an AU where Kazuma and Ryuunosuke swap roles.


Fanworks will contain spoilers!

Want to collaborate?

If you're interested in someone who can help you make basic UIs for your Twine games made in Sugarcube, feel free to send me a message on my social media or ping me in the Twine discord server. I'm more than willing to do that work for free, but do remember that I do it for fun, not professionally.

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